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We're Sara and Andreas and we left Switzerland in Summer 2019 with our bicycles.
Unfortunately we had to take a break in February 2020
due  to the Corona Pandemic

and are currently back in Switzerland.  Which does not mean

that we've stopped cycling, bikepacking and looking for adventures.

Here is where we are going to keep you updated on our past and future adventures.


Where and when did we meet?

We met 2005 at a music festival where we both were working. During a break Sara wanted to see The Queens of the Stone Age and Andreas joined her. Half a year later we started travelling together and we haven't stopped since.

When did we start cycling longer distances?

At one point Sara, who had always cycled aroud her hometown, got herself a roadbike and got Andreas into cycling as well. At first he didn't seem too keen on riding up mountains wearing lycra. Nowadays he can't think of a better way to spend his free time.



  • favourite hashtag: #fuckyeah

  • will stop pedalling for puppies and kittens

  • is a roadie at heart and likes to climb

  • loves rides that are fuelled by italian gelato

  • earns money as a secondary school teacher

  • got Andreas into cycling

  • won't start a day without a cup of coffee

  • grew up in Benin (West Africa)

  • dislikes having to call strangers on the phone to ask them something



  • rides everything: road, mtb, fixed, touring

  • drinks his coffee black

  • got Sara into touring

  • builds 98% of the routes we ride

  • earns money as a social worker

  • best after-ride fuel? Pizza & IPA

  • has a love-hate relationship with sewing

  • strongly dislikes having to clean his bikes

  • would fly home to see the FCSG 1879 winning the Swiss championship


When did we start bikepacking?

Before getting into cycling we had travelled extensively as backpackers in the Middle East and Asia. We soon discovered that we really like to travel with our bicycles and the least luggage as possible. So we started bikepacking in different regions of Europe before beginning to do the same in Thailand. This is how we have been spending all our holidays of the last years. With one exception: Andreas rode through California with his touring bike and a typical touring set-up. Since then he has been dreaming of a longer trip by bike.


When did we decide to start Project Pedal Further?

We had been talking about a sabatical for a long time. Around spring 2017 we started thinking about a longer trip by bicycle. We knew that we had to pass a test first before setting off for a year. So in summer 2018 we decided to ride from Geneva to San Remo with our gravel bikes and everything we needed to "survive" without sleeping in hotels and eating in restaurants. We tried to ride as much gravel roads as possible and really test the gear we had with us. As we loved every single day off the beaten tracks we came back home knowing that we would give up our jobs and our home within a year and give bikepacking life and Project Pedal Further a go.

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